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Thanks for visiting our website. Our mission as an Organization is a direct product of the mix of diversity, culture, and creed that can be seen in the varying faces above.

Our foundations are shared in one another. Without one another, there would be no, one.

As graduates from the most diverse school in the state of Georgia in the year 2013, we felt a need to perpetuate the social justice and opportunity that was extended to each of us from the blessing of our community. This is what we would like to share with the world.  

It is our duty as Each New Opportunity to enrich the youth with an understanding of why it is imperative to treat oneself with the love and respect you expect from others. Even more importantly, we intend they matriculate high school equipped with knowledge of self, and the reasons to treat others with the love and respect they deserve. This is how to perpetuate social justice and the uncovering of equal opportunity.
We will continue to progress towards a world where every child has the resources to pursue their passions.
We will continue to progress towards a world where every young adult has the knowledge to maneuver the workforce. 
We will continue to progress towards a world where every adult recognizes the opportunity they have to harness their future by understanding themselves, the law, and acting on their civic duties.
As a nonprofit organization, we stand by the belief that these are not luxuries of life reserved for particular groups. These are skills to be attained, and maintained, by every human being. These are the pillars of dignity... something we all should rightfully expect.

Thanks in advance for joining us with an open heart!

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